Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lakers receive bad news: Mark Steenhuis out for season with knee injury

Press release from Peterborough Century 21 Lakers

The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers and star player Mark Steenhuis received big blows from the medical team Tuesday when they were told he has a partial tear of the MCL and ACL and will be out for a minimum of six months, which means the rest of this season.

It was not clear whether the injury would require surgery because in some cases the ACL and MCL repairs themselves. For the present the plan is to rest and let the MCL and ACL repair themselves but the doctor will advise him of the best plan.

Steenhuis of St. Catharines, the Lakers leading scorer and fan favourite last season, was injured in Thursday’s game against Oakville when another Lakers’ player hit him.

Steenhuis has won two Mann Cups with the Lakers. Last season in 17 regular season games he had 43 goals and 40 assists leading the team with 83 points.

Steenhuis plays for the Buffalo Bandits in the National Lacrosse League but could be ready for their season in January.

“Mark is a great Laker. He comes to play every night and put it on the line every game which is one of the reasons the Lakers have been successful,” said GM Paul Day.

“He is a fan favourite and will be missed but I knew he will be back stronger in 2016. The team will pick up the slack and take care of the season for him.”

Mark is disappointed but says “I should look at it optimistically, and get stronger for next season.”
He said the doctors have told him to rest and see how things heal, but surgery or not, he is out for the season.

For now he is hugely disappointed and will miss coming to Peterborough as will his entire family although he says he will try to make it to some games. He said he totally enjoys being part of the Lakers’ family, was looking forward to a great season with the team and still can’t believe he won’t be playing.