Monday, June 15, 2015

Lakers and Chiefs tight at the top of IL Indoor's MSL Power Rankings

The Six Nations Chiefs are rising in the 2015 MSL season, but haven't quite
reached the summit of IL Indoor's Power Rankings. (Photo: Tim Prothero)
Box lacrosse's leading website, IL Indoor, has published its weekly power rankings for Major Series Lacrosse and it's a tossup at the top between the 4-0 Peterborough Lakers and the 4-1 Six Nations Chiefs. Any questions about who's number 1 should be answered this Thursday when the teams face off at the Memorial Centre.

"The showdown is coming," the piece begins. "The Peterborough Lakers are 4-0 with a +26 goal differential. The Six Nations Chiefs are 4-1 with a +37 goal differential. Each team has another game before they meet head to head this Thursday in Peterborough, but all signs point to that matchup being a battle for first place as we reach the one-third point of the 2015 Major Series Lacrosse season."

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