Monday, July 27, 2015

MSL names year end award nominees

Davide DiRuscio is KW's nominee for both Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year. (Photo: Tim Prothero)
With the 2015 season into its final week, Major Series Lacrosse teams are voting for the recipients of its annual year end awards. Each team nominates a player for MVP, top defender and Rookie of the Year, then the teams vote on those awards as well as the coaching staff of the year. 

Teams can't vote for their own players. Winners will be announced during the playoffs. Below are the players nominated in each category.

Most Valuable Player

Brampton Excelsiors: Joe Resitarits
Brooklin Redmen: Graeme Hossack
KW Kodiaks: Davide DiRuscio
Oakville Rock: Nick Rose
Peterborough Lakers: Curtis Dickson
Six Nations Chiefs: Dhane Smith

Top Defensive Player

Brampton: Chris Corbeil
Brooklin: Graeme Hossack
KW: Joey Cupido
Oakville: Jason Noble
Peterborough: Scott Self
Six Nations: Dan Coates

Rookie of the Year

Brampton: Tyler Fereira
Brooklin: Kyle Whitlow
KW: Davide DiRuscio
Oakville: Dan Lomas
Peterborough: Turner Evans
Six Nations: Johnny Powless