Sunday, July 12, 2015

Contribute to GoFundMe campaign, get credit for playoff PPV

Because MSL's GoFundMe campaign to support webcasting of games this year hasn't come close to its target, JVI Sports Network may not be able to stream any more regular season games after the pair coming up this week: Sunday night at 7 pm when Peterborough visits Brampton then Wednesday at 8 pm when the Lakers are at Brooklin. The latter game will feature a special intermission treat...members of the Canadian women's U19 team will play an exhibition game on the floor of the Iroquois Park Sports Centre.

If you would like to see more games webcast, please contribute to the campaign. People who have already made contributions and those who make contributions to help provide funding to stream more regular season games will receive some credit towards watching playoff games, which will be streamed on a pay per view basis unless sufficient funding comes in between now and the end of the regular season.

Here is the link to make a contribution and share with your fellow fans to encourage them to contribute: MSL GoFundMe campaign