Monday, July 13, 2015

IL Indoor presents mid-season MSL awards

Shawn Evans is among the top players in MSL as selected by IL Indoor half way through the 2015 season.
(Photo: Tim Prothero)

IL Indoor's Stephen Stamp last week presented his award winners for the first half of the Major Series Lacrosse season as its schedule turned to head home. Read the whole article, including write-ups about the award winners and honourable mentions, at this link.

The winners were:

Top Offensive Player
Dhane Smith, Six Nations Chiefs

Top Defensive Player
Dan Coates, Six Nations Chiefs

Top Transition Player
Joey Cupido, KW Kodiaks

Top Rookie
Davide DiRuscio, KW Kodiaks

Top Goalie
Dillon Ward, Six Nations Chiefs

Most Valuable Player
Shawn Evans, Peterborough Lakers