Saturday, September 7, 2013

Family day at the Mann Cup

The Six Nations Chiefs' Saturday morning practice took on a distinctively family flavour when some of the players' partners and children showed up to watch. Colin Doyle's wife and three young daughters were on hand, as were Kasey Beirnes' wife and son and Rob Marshall's girlfriend. The children got to head out onto the floor to stretch with the players, did some laps around the concourse level of the arena and watched their fathers shoot.

Spirits were clearly higher than they had been 12 hours earlier, after the Chiefs lost the opening game of the 2013 Mann Cup 5-4 to the Victoria Shamrocks. Coaches ran through some adjustments they want to make for tonight's Game 2 and the defensive players enjoyed some shooting practice with backup goalie Brandon Miller and third goalie Brenner Jacobs. The mood was light as the team left practice, looking like a club that is ready to get back to the game that made them the Major Series Lacrosse champions after an undefeated playoff run.