Friday, September 6, 2013

Colin Doyle poised to move up on Mann Cup scoring list

Colin Doyle, Mohawk and all, is tied for 10th in all-time
Mann Cup scoring and should move up several spots this 
year. (Photo: Judy Teasdale)

Over the last few years, Mann Cup series have seen some serious climbing up the all-time scoring charts. Last year's big mover was Shawn Evans, whose 31 points bumped him from 56 and a tie for 50th in all-time Mann scoring to 87 and a tie for 22nd. A pair of other Peterborough Lakers moved closer to the very top of the list. Scott Evans' 15 points took him from 9th to 5th with a total of 118. John Grant, Jr. was already third among the elite group of scorers in Mann Cup history, but his 30 points leapfrogged him over legendary Geordie Dean into second place with 174 points.

This year, there's only one player who will likely be making a big mark in the scoring history books. Six Nations' Colin Doyle currently sits tied for 10th spot with 49 goals and 53 assists for 102 points. He has a realistic shot at taking over 4th from former Shamrocks' great Gary Gait, who finished his career with 120.

Top 12 All-time Mann Cup Scorers
  1. John Tavares 92g/111a/203pts
  2. John Grant, Jr. 76/98/174
  3. Geordie Dean 67/94/161
  4. Gary Gait 69/51/120
  5. Scott Evans 64/54/118
  6. Bill Wilson 83/32/115
  7. Josh Sanderson 36/77/113
  8. J.J. Johnston 66/41/107
  9. Dave Durante 36/69/105
  10. Paul Gait 58/44/102
  11. Bob Wasson 50/52/102
  12. Colin Doyle 49/53/102