Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Doug Luey Announced as MSL Interim Commissioner

Major Series Lacrosse has elected Doug Luey to serve as its interim commissioner.

Luey has dedicated much of his life to lacrosse and is currently the director of high performance and international relations for the Canadian Lacrosse Association. He was elected to the position by a unanimous vote of the league's governors at a recent meeting.

While he does not want to take on the position permanently, Luey is committed to helping MSL set a plan in place to help the league and all its teams thrive moving forward. He will manage the regular duties of the commissioner, including all player movement, while also heading the search for the right person to fill the role permanently.

"I look forward to working with Major Series Lacrosse governors in 2017 as Canada celebrates its 150th birthday and Canada's national summer sport celebrates the 150th year since the written rules of lacrosse were introduced," Luey says.