Tuesday, April 16, 2013

MSL announces regular season webcast schedule

Major Series Lacrosse will once again provide free live webcasts of games this season. JVI Video will produce the nine regular season games listed below. Other games may be added to the schedule during the season, but this is the base schedule at this time. There are no Six Nations Chiefs home games scheduled to be webcast because the internet strength at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena is currently not sufficient to enable casting. Arena management is looking at addressing the issue, however, and if it is improved we may add a game or games from the ILA later in the season. Games can be accessed by clicking the Webcast Sports logo in the right column of this page.

2013 MSL regular season webcast schedule

May 23   Brampton at Peterborough  8 pm
June 5     KW at Brooklin  8 pm
June 13   KW at Brampton  8 pm 
June 24   Brooklin at Oakville  8 pm
July 4      Oakville at Peterborough  8 pm
July 9      Six Nations at KW  8 pm
July 17    Six Nations at Brooklin  8 pm
July 22    Brampton at Oakville  8 pm
July 25    Six Nations at Peterborough  8 pm