Thursday, September 1, 2016

Game 6 live streaming

Game 6 of the Major Series Lacrosse finals will be streamed live by JVI Sports Network on their YouTube channel. The streaming is made possible by sponsors The Hill Academy and Traditional Lacrosse.

The Hill Academy was recently voted the top high school lacrosse program in North America by USA Today. Six Hill Academy alumni are playing in the MSL finals: Dillon Ward, Randy Staats and Leo Stores for the Six Nations Chiefs; Chad Tutton, Josh Currier and Jake Fox for the Peterborough Lakers. The Hill's director of lacrosse, Brodie Merrill, also plays for Six Nations.

Traditional Lacrosse is best known for their handcrafted wooden lacrosse sticks. They also sell apparel as well as modern heads and shafts.

The Lakers will try to close out the series in Game 6 while the Chiefs will try to force a Game 7 between the teams for the third straight year.