Friday, July 1, 2016

Brampton Excelsiors send Corbeil and Rubisch to Brooklin, Dawson brothers to Brooklin

Chris Corbeil leads an exodus from Brampton that fuels the MSL playoff race among Six Nations, Brooklin and Peterborough. (Photo: Dave Fryer)
With the Major Series Lacrosse roster deadline approaching (the actual deadline is 11:59 July 2), the Brampton Excelsiors traded away four of their best players.

The Six Nations Chiefs bolstered their roster at both ends of the floor by acquiring forward Dan Dawson and defender Paul Dawson from Brampton.

Brooklin made their defence a whole lot more difficult to play against by acquiring both Chris Corbeil and Kyle Rubisch from the Excelsiors. 

The other of the "big three" teams (which you could argue has become the "big four" with Oakville's emergence as a legitimate contender) got in on the act, as well. The Peterborough Lakers picked up defender and draw man Dylan Evans from Brampton in return for the rights to Ryan Lee and other considerations.

In return for Dan Dawson, Brampton gets forward Quinn Powless and defenders Reid Acton and Andrew Watt. For Paul Dawson, the Excelsiors receive Jay Thorimbert and other considerations.

From Brooklin, the Excelsiors add forwards TJ Sanders and Kyle Buchanan and defender Jordan Houtby.

Six Nations and Brampton also completed a swap of young defenders, with Ethan O'Connor going to the Chiefs in exchange for Tim Edwards, second and third round draft picks in 2019 and other considerations.