Sunday, January 24, 2016

Get ready for today's MSL draft, courtesy of IL Indoor

John St. John is the top graduating scorer available in the 2016 MSL draft.
(Photo: Tim Prothero)
The 2016 MSL draft is just hours away. With four graduating juniors protected by each team and the league's members boasting unprecedented depth, there aren't a lot of players available who are going to be able to make immediate impacts this summer. That doesn't mean there aren't some players who can help, though. 

The staff at IL Indoor have been preparing for the draft. Editor Stephen Stamp provides a run down of the top players available."Some of the most appealing players in the draft include: Akwesasne Jr B Indians defender Adam Bomberry and forward Seth Oakes; St. Catharines Athletics defender Tyson Bell; Six Nations Arrows forward Josh Johnson and defender Sawi Longboat; Toronto Beaches forwards Ryan Lee and John St. John; and Barrie Lakeshores forward Daniel Craig."

For Stamp's full report, click here

IL Indoor staffer Mike Mackley followed up with a look at the needs of each team and how they may address them at the draft. "With the Major Series Lacrosse draft on the schedule for Sunday afternoon, it's time to take a look at each team's needs heading into the 2016 season. In a draft that has some quality depth to it and some fairly high profile names, teams are sure to boost their depth, which will only raise the skill level across the league."

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