Monday, January 26, 2015

MSL teams select 29 players in 2015 graduating junior draft

Tyler Ferreira was the first player chosen in the 2015 MSL draft, going to his
hometown Brampton Excelsiors. (Photo: Tim Prothero)
Major Series Lacrosse held its annual entry draft of graduating junior players Sunday January 25 in Whitby. The Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks were the most active team, selecting nine of the 29 players chosen in the draft. At the other end of the spectrum, the two-time defending Mann Cup champion Six Nations Chiefs selected just two players and passed on their fifth-round pick.

Full results of the draft are below. All players come from OLA Jr A teams unless otherwise noted.

Round 1
1. Brampton

F/T Tyler Ferreira, Brampton.
2. Brampton

T Matthew Bennett, Brampton.
3. Brampton

F Michael MacDonald, Halton Hills Jr B.
4. KW

D Derek Searle, Burlington.
5. KW
Pick traded to Peterborough for the ninth overall pick and other considerations.
Peterborough selects RF Tyler Albrecht, Burlington.
6. Brooklin
Pick traded to Peterborough for other considerations.
Peterborough selects RT Wenster Green, Six Nations
Round 2
7. Oakville

RF Wes Berg, Coquitlam Adanacs, BCJALL.
8. Oakville

LD Brier Jonathan, Six Nations.
9. Peterborough
Pick traded to KW.

KW selects LD Connor Campbell, Brampton.
10. KW

LF/T Jordan Dance, Orangeville.

11. KW

LF Jordan Robertson, Toronto Beaches.

12. KW
RT Jayson Crawford, Halton Hills Jr B/Brampton Jr A
Round 3
13. Brampton

G Eric Penney, St. Catharines.
14. Oakville

RD Stu Martin, Six Nations.
15. Six Nations

LD Paxton Leroux, Peterborough.
16. KW
Pick traded to Oakville for other considerations.
Oakville selects LD Zach Bell, Brampton.
17. Peterborough

G Don Alton, Six Nations.
18. Brooklin

LF T.J. Sanders, Barrie.
Round 4
19. Brampton

RT Joel Shipley, Wallaceburg Jr B.
20. Peterborough

D Alex Brennan, Clarington Jr B.
21. Six Nations

D Anthony Patterson, Six Nations.
22. KW

RF Seth Laidlaw, Halton Hills Jr B.
23. Oakville

LF Eli McLaughlin, Coquitlam Adanacs BCJALL.
24. Brooklin
Kyle Whitlow, Barrie.
Round 5
25. Brampton

F Jay Lindsay, KW.
26. KW

D Broedie Birkhoff, Burlington.
27. Six Nations

28. KW

G Rance Vigneux, Toronto Beaches.
29. Peterborough

RD/T Patrick McCrory, Whitby.
30. Brooklin

LT Colton Watkinson, Oakville Jr B.