Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Peterborough Lakers acquire transition player Brock Boyle from Oakville Rock for a third-round pick in 2014

Brock Boyle was a thorn in the Peterborough Lakers
side over the last two seasons. Now he is joining the team.
(Photo: Tim Prothero, VintageLax)

The Peterborough Lakers have added speedy transition player Brock Boyle in the wake of losing yet another defender from their roster. Andrew Watt was injured in Minnesota's National Lacrosse League semi-final last weekend and is likely out for the season, said Lakers Head Coach and General Manager Jamie Batley. In exchange for Boyle, the Lakers sent a third-round pick in next year's Major Series Lacrosse draft to the Oakville Rock.

“We've had a few guys go down this year and we just had Watt go down and it doesn't look like he'll play the rest of the year, so we needed to scramble to get a guy to fit in,” Batley said. “Brock Boyle's a veteran player. I think he's pretty decent defensively and he transitions very well, which is the style we like to play. Any time we've played against him in the last couple of year's he's played really hard and usually scores a goal or two against us, playing for Ajax. It was a guy we thought we could get to more or less replace Watt.”

Batley said he isn't concerned about Brock's play in the CLax season recently completed, in which Boyle played just four regular season games but led the league with 70 penalty minutes and seemed to be distracted from playing his usual fast, gritty transition game.

I didn't watch very much of that, so I don't know the situations, I don't know the history, I don't know what happened. “We're not looking for Brock Boyle to be a fighter or anything like that. We're looking for him to play good defence and transition the ball, and make good decisions,” Batley said. “If he doesn't do that, he won't play. It's pretty basic and simple. I think that he has a lot of respect for me and hopefully he has a lot of respect for the Lakers organization. That's something that we can't have. We don't condone it. It'll only happen once if it happens. I don't expect there to be any problems.”

The 30-year-old Boyle has played a total of 99 MSL games and scored a total of 63 goals and 34 assists. Joining the Lakers gives him the rare feat of having played for every team in the league. He even played a game for St. Catharines before they moved to Kitchener-Waterloo.

The Lakers are without defenders Watt, Mac Allen and Andrew Suitor, all of who are out for the season with injuries. They also will likely not have Chris White, who is getting married this summer, or Mike Hobbins. They are looking to Boyle and former Laker Alex Henderson, reacquired from Oakville in early April, to help on the defensive end along with Junior Laker alumni and CLax standouts Mark Farthing, Pete Rennie and Eric Bissell.